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seat requirements  of the child safety seat
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Once you know what type of child safety seat to buy, look for the following:
§  澳门新葡京1604488 You need this information in order to conduct recall checks.
§  澳门新葡京1604488 Make sure the child safety seat comes with an instruction manual, and don't throw it away once you have the seat installed. Also check your vehicle owner's manual for additional instructions on how to install child safety seats in your particular vehicle.
§  Cracks or missing parts: Child safety seats are like any other product in that they can be damaged during shipping or stocking, and they can lose parts along the way. Check that neither applies to the seat you want to buy.
§  澳门新葡京1604488 Take note of how long the product is under warranty. This is especially important if you're purchasing a used child safety seat. Make sure the warranty is still valid.
You may also want to call the manufacturer to ask how long they recommend using the child safety seat before it becomes ineffective.澳门新葡京1604488
§  Crash victim: If the used child safety seat you're considering has been involved in a crash, don't buy it.
§  A proper fit: Regardless of your child's age and weight, if he just doesn't fit into the child safety seat for his age and weight requirements, it's not the right seat for him. Try out several different brands. Place your child in the seat, and tinker with the straps and locks. In addition to the requirements, choose what feels right.


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